We would like to thank the many of you who have given newspapers, magazines, books, trial information, videos, photographs, scrapbooks, tributes, personal items, memorabilia and more to help build the Pan Am Flight 103 / Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives here at Syracuse University. In addition to donating papers and collections, some families and friends of those lost that day have shown great generosity by making financial gifts to support the project. The Archives has embarked on a two million dollar fundraising effort to permanently endow the position of PA103 archivist, a collection of critical importance to Syracuse University, our nation and the world.

Although we have not yet reached our goal of permanently endowing a position, we have been able to hire an archivist on a temporary basis to reprocess and maintain the existing collection; process all newly-donated materials; assist families, organizations, remembrance scholars and other individuals with records issues; and digitize as much of the collection as possible to allow Internet access to original documents and visual images through the production of EAD finding aids. This is an on-going process that will require continued stewardship by a dedicated individual for many years to come.

Your financial support of this effort helps ensure that the memories and records of this event and its victims are forever protected.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge the generosity of the following donors who have helped the Archives towards its goal to permanently endow the position of Pan Am Flight 103 Archivist.

$20,000 and up

  • Jane Davis
  • Kenneth and Jean Jones
  • Peter, Suse and Lucas Lowenstein
  • Barbara Primeau
  • Kathryn Daniels Tedeschi

$10,000 to $19,999

  • John and Jane Boland
  • John and Doris Cory
  • Adelaide M. Marek
  • Robert and Eileen Monetti
  • Caroline Stevenson

$5,000 to $9,999

  • Daniel and Susan Cohen
  • Thomas and Dorothy Coker
  • Georgeann Fuller
  • Halsch Family Fund
  • Robert and Peggy Hunt
  • Glenn and Carole Johnson
  • Shirley Lincoln
  • Barbara Matthews

$1,000 to $4,999

  • Joan and Thomas Dater
  • Helen Engelhardt
  • Florence Ergin
  • Adam '89 and Stacey Katz '89
  • John '89 and Jacqueline Mandyck '89
  • Adelaide E. Marek
  • Mary Kay Stratis
  • Joseph and Helen Tobin
  • Aphrodite and Peter Tsairis

$500 to $999

  • Mary Lou Ciulla
  • John and Kathleen Flynn
  • Tracy and Morteza Golpoor
  • Bruce G. Gudenberg '89
  • Michelle Ciulla Lipkin
  • Donald T. MacLeod '52
  • Elizabeth Philipps
  • Oregon and Ann Rogers
  • Mark Zaid

Up to $499

  • Joan B. Berkowitz
  • Jon Booth
  • Lauren Alicia Campbell '03
  • Victoria Morson Carrington
  • Joseph and Miriam Cerra
  • Mark Joseph Chorazek '00
  • David '96 and Jacqueline Clary '97
  • David George Curtis '00
  • Erin Daniels
  • Carolyn A. Davis '64
  • Barclay Ferguson IV '91
  • Cathal Flynn
  • Edward L. Galvin
  • Zachary H. Galvin '13
  • Terri Gould
  • Bonnie and Martin Gregge
  • Anthony and Jeanne Gryszka, Jr.
  • Amanda Sky Harris '06
  • William B. Hudson
  • Fred Jordan
  • Tamara L. Jurgensen '89
  • Catherine Carlson Kadar '00
  • Dr. Rondall K. Lane '92
  • Marc and Arlene Lassin
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Loring
  • Loudoun-Montgomery Primary School
  • Richard A. Marquise
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ernest May
  • Rosemary Mild
  • Carla Newman '89
  • Charles '88 and Christen Seavey '89 Olson
  • Janel Ovrut '04
  • Dawn Penniman '90
  • Robert '84 and Karen '89 Perelman
  • Thomas D. Phillips '78
  • Olivia Marie Rhinehart '12
  • William Rothenberg '50
  • Aubrie Rudnick
  • Kara Sassone '00
  • Alan R. Schwartz
  • Lois Sterling
  • Stanley and Nancy Taylor
  • Diane Apfelbaum Toll
  • Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Vrenios