“From Darkness into Light
20 Years of the Pan Am Flight 103 Archives”

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the bombing of Pan Am 103, the Syracuse University Archives mounted an exhibition of materials from its Pan Am Flight 103 / Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives. Thirty-five students studying abroad with Syracuse University were killed in the attack.

This exhibition, which was located in the Noble Room of Hendricks Chapel, contained documents, images and memorabilia representing the more than 170 boxes of materials in the collection. Included in the Archives are records not only of Syracuse University and our students, but records of ALL 270 victims and other involved individuals and organizations.

Archives Flyer

Central to the exhibition were two panels depicting the 35 students studying abroad with Syracuse University, 5 others with Central New York connections, and 16 other victims who are represented in the Pan Am Flight 103 Archives at Syracuse University.

The table included a guest book where visitors were invited to share their comments about the exhibition or personal thoughts about those who were lost. That book and the two panels are now housed in the Pan Am Flight 103 Collection in the SU Archives.

Entrance View

Victims Composite1 Victims Composite2

Main Wall
Front pages of Daily Mirror, December 22 and 23, 1988

- Cohen Family Papers
Daily Mirror
"In Memoriam", The Syracuse Record, January 17, 1989

- SU Tenth Anniversary Commemoration Collection
In Memoriam
Public Law 103-158, Congressional Resolution authorizing a memorial cairn in Arlington National Cemetery to honor the 270 victims of Pam Am Flight 103, November 24, 1993

- Dater Family Papers
Dater Family Papers
Poem, "Flight 103" by R. Kearney, 1989

- SU Archives Collection
R. Kearney Poem
Correspondence, logo and press release relating to family groups, 1989-1997

- Cohen Family Papers
Cohen Family Papers
Photograph of roommates (including Alexia Tsairis, Sarah Philipps and Julianne Kelly) at 15 Elgin Crescent, Kensington, London, Fall Semester, 1988

- SU Archives Collection
DanceWorks Memorial Poster for Wendy Lincoln

- DanceWorks
Memorial Poster for Wendy Lincoln
"Reflections on Global Terrorism: Lockerbie 10 Years Later"

- SU Tenth Anniversary Commemoration Collection
Lockerbie 10 Years Later
US Government reward posters for suspects

- Chris Jones Collection
Reward Posters
"The Women of Lockerbie" poster and flier

- SU Archives Collection
The Women of Lockerbie Poster
Poem, "You Will Never Be Gone" by Douglas Unger

- SU Tenth Anniversary Commemoration Collection
Douglas Unger Poem

Divider Wall
Victims Poster "Victims of Pan Am 103 Bombing (21 Countries - 270 Lives)"

- Gift of the United States Department of State

Right of Display Case
Certificate of Student Achievement for Theodora Cohen, posthumously awarded by Syracuse University

- Cohen Family Papers
Cohen Family Papers

Display Case
Davis Collection Banner and Photograph

- Davis Family Papers
Bisset and Jones Collections Cub Scout memorabilia
- Ken Bissett Papers

Boston Red Sox Cap
Bobby Orr Photograph
- Chris Jones Papers
Victims' Writings Victims' Writings

- Eric & Jason Coker Papers
- On Eagle's Wings Materials
- Nicholas Vrenios Papers
Victims' Group Materials Victims' Group Materials

- Fredda Weiss Papers
- Chris Jones Papers
Audio-visual Materials Audio-visual Materials

- Hawkins/Engelhardt Papers
- Cohen Family Papers
- SU Archives Collection
Fredda Weiss Papers Script -
Pan Am 103: The Real Story

- Fredda Weiss Papers

- VPAF 103 Collection
- SU Archives Collection
- Steve Boland Papers
- Lowenstein Family Papers
Recovered Photographs

- Jason & Eric Coker Papers
Recovered Coker Photographs
Photograph Albums

- Steve Boland Papers
- Luann Rogers Papers
Photograph Albums
Woodworking Tools
Electric Train
- Bill Daniels Papers

Baby Booties
- Eva Ingeborg Morson Collection
Items from Daniels & Morson Collections
Lockerbie Trial Materials

- Suzanne Miazga Papers
- SU Law School Collection
Lockerbie Trial Materials
Gretchen's Shawl
VPAF 103 T-Shirt

- Dater Family Papers
Dater Collection

Left of Display Case
Daily Orange article Opinion Page of Daily Orange, January 18, 1989

- SU Tenth Anniversary Commemoration Collection

Right of Window Wall
Five prints from Remembrance Scholars' Exhibit, 2002

- SU Archives Collection

Left of Window Wall
Kenneth J. Bissett drawings Three Drawings: by Kenneth J. Bissett, Cornell University, 1987-1988

- Ken Bissett Papers

Piano Wall
Dark Elegy Exhibit, Remembrance Scholars, 2003

- SU Archives Collection
Photographs Dark Elegy Exhibit