Pan Am Flight 103/ Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives

The Pan Am Flight 103 Story Archives Collection

The Pan Am Flight 103 Story Archives Collection Begun in 2013 as part of the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, the Archives holds The Pan Am Flight 103 Story Archives Collection. The Story Archives Collection contains narratives from those who have personal knowledge of Pan Am Flight 103.These stories may include memories of the 270 people who lost their lives in the bombing, of the days immediately following the disaster, of the effect the bombing had on individuals, local communities and nations, and how Pan Am 103 has shaped the world we live in today. The project also includes interviews conducted in 2008 by OrangeTV network as part of the 20th Anniversary commemoration on campus.

Relevant voices may be found in, but are not limited to, the following groups: family and friends of the victims, alumni who studied abroad in London through Syracuse University during fall 1988 semester, former Remembrance and Lockerbie Scholars, faculty and staff of Syracuse University, members of the Lockerbie community, and those involved with the aftermath of the tragedy.

The project focuses primarily on gathering traditional oral histories. An oral history session may be scheduled by contacting the Archives at or 315-443-0632. Currently, all oral histories must be collected in person at Syracuse University.

The project can also include a written personal narrative submitted to the Archives. Written narratives may be used in place of a video oral history or in addition to it. The Archives recommends submitting a written narrative until such time as an oral history session may be scheduled. A submission form may be found at the link below and should be used as a guide.

The Pan Am Flight 103 Story Archives Collection: Written Narratives

The Pan Am Flight 103 Story Archives Collection

  • Family and Friends of Victims
    Interviews with friends and family members of those killed on Pan Am 103 offer insight into who these individuals were. These interviews also touch on the days, weeks and years following the bombing and how family members and friends have coped with their loss, campaigned for airline security, and sought justice for their loved ones.

  • Syracuse University Alumni
    Interviews with alumni of Syracuse University focus on members of the London fall 1988 study abroad program. The chance to remember the good times they shared with their friends during that semester abroad aligns with an opportunity to discuss how they have been personally impacted by the tragedy. Other alumni who remember the disaster or who lost friends are also welcome to participate.

  • Former Remembrance or Lockerbie Scholars
    Interviews with former Remembrance and Lockerbie Scholars focus on the good that has arisen from the tragedy of Pan Am 103. Recipients reflect on what it meant to be a Remembrance or Lockerbie Scholar, the opportunities it created for them and how Pan Am 103 has affected their lives.

  • Syracuse University Faculty and Staff
    Many Syracuse University faculty and staff were at the forefront of the University response to the bombing. These interviews discuss the challenges of handling a disaster of this scale and how the University community was impacted by the tragedy.

  • Lockerbie
    Interviews with members of the Lockerbie community provide insight into what it was like to survive and live with a disaster of this magnitude.

  • Others
    Interviews with first responders from the United Kingdom provide crucial information about the events of December 21, 1988. They also contain information on the British criminal inquest that led to the trial at Camp van Zeist in the Netherlands. The Archives also welcomes interviews with members of United States law enforcement.

    Interviews with those involved in the aftermath of the bombing of Pan Am 103 highlight important changes in airline safety and security as well as discuss the affect terrorism has had and continues to have on the airline industry and the international community. The Archives welcomes interviews from anyone who has had some personal experience with Pan Am 103 (playwrights, documentary filmmakers, lobbyists, Pan Am Airways employees, lawyers, investigators, first responders etc.)