Victim and Family Collections

Lockerbie Air Disaster Memorial Headstone In 1990, Syracuse University Archivist Amy S. Doherty contacted the families of the 35 students who were traveling and studying abroad through Syracuse University's Division of International Programs Abroad (DIPA) when they were killed in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. She offered the Archives as a place for families to donate "correspondence, journals or diaries, photographs, newspaper clippings, examples of creative work, video and audio tapes by or about their child or about the events following the disaster."

The first victim's collection arrived in September 1990. Since that time materials relating to all 35 students have been accessioned. In 2006 the scope of the Archives was expanded to include all 270 victims.

While all 270 victims are recorded in the book On Eagles' Wings, the Pan Am Flight 103 Archives does not yet hold material on each victim. Victims appearing in the list of Materials Guides do not have their own collection. Information and materials pertaining to these individuals can be found in related collections, within the Pan Am 103 Archives.
* means an individual was a Syracuse University study abroad student.

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