Victims: William Garretson Atkinson III and Judith Bernstein Atkinson

William Garretson Atkinson III & Judith Bernstein Atkinson William Garretson (Gary) Atkinson III was a project executive for Olympia and York in London. He was a graduate of Washington University where he was awarded a four-year fellowship in engineering. He did his graduate work in construction management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his father's alma mater. He worked in Boston for the Beacon Companies on such notable projects as the Meridian Hotel, One Post Office Square, and the Boston Harbor Hotel.

Judith (Judy) Bernstein Atkinson grew up in St. Paul Minnesota. She graduated high school as a Merit finalist, as well as a Bet Hamidrash graduate. She attended the University of Michigan for two years and studied abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. She also taught on the Isle of Skye. She then took an archeology course in Jerusalem through Brandeis University. After she completed this course she transferred to Brandeis and graduated with honors. She entered a graduate program for Art History at the University of California in San Francisco and then completed a fellowship at Yale. She was a curator for The Whitney and the Jewish Museum but she decided to go back to Yale to pursue another Masters in Public and Private Management.

Gary and Judy were married in May 1988 and lived and worked in London. They were returning to the United States to visit relatives and friends in Connecticut and Washington. They were described as soul mates; active, interested, involved, contributing members of the world's society.

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