Victim: Surinder Mohan Bhatia

Surinder MohanBhatia Surinder Mohan Bhatia, also known as Sam, lived with his wife Sharda and daughter Kiran in Redondo Beach, California. He was a native of New Delhi, India and moved to California to teach mathematics. He later became owner and president of Career Solution Inc., an executive search firm. He had traveled to London to promote a business deal and was not originally booked to be on Pan Am 103. He had finished his business a few days early and decided to return home ahead of schedule. He was booked on as a standby passenger.

Sam is remembered by friends and former students as being strict, yet kind and understanding, a man who instilled good values. He believed in the continuity of the soul and the oneness of life. He is remembered for the knowledge and happiness he willingly shared with all and for having enriched and touched many lives.

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