Victim: Bernt Wilmar Carlsson

Bernt Wilmar Carlsson Bernt Wilmar Carlsson was returning to New York on Pan Am 103 for the signing of the agreement on Namibian Independence; he was the United Nations commissioner for Namibia. Bernt's life was dedicated to peace and one of his associates eulogized, "Through his actions many lives have been saved. It was all the more tragic that he, a man of peace, had become a victim of blind violence."

Bernt had negotiated: the release of political prisoners in Chile and Iran; the signing of the Namibia Accords between Angola, South Africa and Cuba; a peace between Iran and Iraq; and facilitated the Palestine Liberation Organization's constructive role in potential Middle East peace settlements. The Los Angeles Times called him, "A hero to the wretched of the world".

Bernt was planning to spend more time on building a personal life and family with his fiancée Sanya Popovic.

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