Victim: David Scott Dornstein

David ScottDornstein David Scott Dornstein, born April 3, 1963, was returning home from Israel. He had been working on a project for a New York City-based organization called Alternatives in Jewish Education. He was survived by his father Dr. Perry Dornstein and his brother Ken Dornstein.

David graduated from Brown University in 1985. His father described him as "a young man dedicated to truth and knowledge." Jacob Neusner said that "anyone who knew him felt he was destined for greatness. He was the least boring person you'll ever meet." This can be seen from the trip he once took around America on a Greyhound bus. He carried with him a worn copy of the Jack Kerouac novel On the Road and at the end of his trip left it at the bus stop in hopes that it would continue to travel. Lisa Foderaro, a friend of David's, described him as "a little crazy and rebellious."

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