Victim: Pamela Elaine Herbert

Pamela ElaineHerbert Pamela Elaine Herbert was born March 27, 1969 in Detroit, Michigan. She was a junior at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine and had a dual major in economics and sociology. The semester abroad through Syracuse University allowed her to study at the London School of Economics. She was survived by her parents Shirley and James, and four sisters.

Pam was an achiever of her goals. Among her accolades were the Archimedes Award, Honor List Award, Academic Honor Role, American Legion Award, Academic Games Award, Sportsmanship Award, and many others. She attended Project LEAD at the University of Arizona in 1985 as one of 30 students. She was also a participant at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders in Washington, DC in June 1988.

He father said, "She was always looking for the best. Whatever was about to occur that would move her forward she would take advantage of."

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