Victim: Khaled Nazir Jaafar

Khaled NazirJaafar Khaled Jaafar had just finished his first year of college in Lebanon and was ready to continue his education in the United States. Because of Arabic heritage, it was alleged many times by the media and by the defense attorneys for the two Libyan men indicted in the bombing case, that Khaled was involved in the plans to blow up Pan Am 103. These allegations were proven false in British court.

Khaled's father Nazir Jaafar wrote, "My beloved son Khaled was twenty years old, handsome and polite. He was loved by his family and friends and he never hurt anyone in his life. No matter what they do, and how much they try, they cannot change the truth. They cannot hurt him because he is in peace away from them. Khaled is forever in his family and friends' hearts."

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