Victim: Lilibeth Tobila MacAlolooy

Lilibeth Tobila MacAlolooy Lilibeth (Lili) MacAlolooy was born in the Philippines and as a young girl moved to San Pedro, California with her family. Before she was a flight attendant for Pan Am Airways she worked as a make-up consultant and an aerobics instructor. She started her career with Pan Am in 1985 and was based in New York City before transferring to London in 1986.

She was engaged to Tony Andre-Janscz who worked for Pan Am Flight Operation in Frankfurt. She was survived by her parents Winceslad and Natividad MacAlolooy as well as four sisters and six brothers.

A passenger once wrote "If one of your goals is striving for excellence among your employees, you've accomplished that goal with Lili."

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