Victim: Peter Raymond Peirce

Peter RaymondPeirce Peter Raymond Peirce was returning after a semester of study with Syracuse University in Florence, Italy. Peter was the founder of the Peirce Design Group and PDG Architects in Ohio. He was seeking a master's II degree so that he could teach his craft. Returning to Perrysburg, Ohio Peter had linked up with the other SU students for the trip from London to New York. Besides his wife Cherry he was survived by three stepdaughters, Joellen, Tori and Danielle, his mother Elizabeth, a brother, and two sisters.

Peter graduated from Ohio State University where he earned a B.S. in Industrial Design and Psychology and did graduate studies in business administration and finance at the University of Toledo and San Francisco Institute of Architecture and Urban Studies. In 1983, he went to Poland to study at the Warsaw Technical University on a scientific exchange program. His architectural academic pursuits started at the University of Detroit from which he graduated cum laude in 1983 with a degree in architecture. His wife described Peter as "a modern Renaissance man".

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