Victim: Arnaud David Rubin

Arnaud David Rubin Arnaud Rubin's parents, Jerry and Toni, and his siblings Yves and Nathalie remembered:

"Arnaud was born very premature and the gynecologist said after his birth, 'You can declare him stillborn!' But Arnaud was not of the same opinion. He displayed the strongest will to live, and live he did indeed, to full capacity. He did not come out of his experience unscathed. For reasons unknown, he would see only with one eye, and even the good eye was far from perfect. Yet he stubbornly learned how to cope and accomplished all his years at school without trouble, though not without effort. When it came to university, he chose to become an engineer. He could never see the blackboard, yet by dint of strong will he finished the five years of hard studies and obtained his master's in engineering (electronics).

Arnaud had a wonderful personality. He always knew what he wanted, and nothing could force him to deviate from the path that would lead him quietly to his objectives, however difficult this path might be. He took a deep interest not only in his work, but also loved the cinema, music, chess, deep sea diving, and above all computers, networks, and space. He always had time for many friends, welcoming them warmly and affectionately…"

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