Victim: Asaad Eidi Vejdany

Asaad Eidi Vejdany Asaad Vejdany's family recalled that, :Asaad, always the devoted son, was on his return journey to his home in New York — having spent a week in London bringing succor and joy to his elderly father and mother. This last act reflects the depth of being from which emanated his loyalty, utter dependability, compassion, and infinite responsiveness to the needs of others as manifested in a myriad of ways throughout his life. Known as a man of honesty, decency, and integrity by all those whose life he touched, there always lurked beneath the sometimes quiet and conservative exterior a sweetness, warmth, and humor which manifested itself best in his playfulness with children; thus the adoration of his nephews and nieces." He was survived by his parents, wife, and four siblings.

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